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Guest House, Old City
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Wedding of Manish and Manita, Spring 2002

A closely-knit family that has been established in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, for over five hundred years the Jains are highly regarded in the community participating widely in social and philanthropic affairs. As part of a small minority that forms less than one percent of the total population of India, the Jains are highly sensitive to the plight of those less fortunate than themselves and to those in need of assistance, guidance and development. At the core of the family is Umaid Jain, the father whom in 1968 founded The Blue House®, and his son Manish Jain, who has since taken over the daily running of the business under the careful tutelage of his father. Also to be seen around the house are Laxmi, Umaid's wife; Manita, Manish's wife; Nisha, Manish's sister and and Vinnod, her husband.

In keeping with strict Jain principles, no meat, fish, eggs or alcohol enter the household and guests are kindly requested to obey these simple rules.

The President of India visiting Umaid Jain
In December 2002